The 14 day designer’s challenge: 14 minutes for 14 days

Like all of you busy giant thinkers, I sometimes get caught up with little things and suddenly find the day is quickly over. I may not have gotten around to what I really wanted to accomplish that day. There's a saying "in order to have more time, make more time". So I decided to create the 14 day Designer's Challenge. CONTINUE READING
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Ram is an award winning Design Director, Blogger, top ranking Podcaster, Speaker, Instructor and Author of two internationally acclaimed books 'How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed' and 'How to get a mentor as a designer, guaranteed'. He's based in Sydney, Australia and in 2012, started the blog which helps thousands of design students and graduates be employed. Ram has since been featured in Communication Arts, HOW magazine, Herman Miller, deFrost*, and Apple.

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