Matt Eastwood on leadership behavior, the gift of creativity, overcoming struggles and being stuck on a deserted island

Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download this episode (right click and save). If you’ve ever wanted to hear about what it’s like to be a Global Chief Creative Officer at one of the world’s best-known marketing communications agencies and one of the oldest, then this is the podcast episode you’ve been waiting for. CONTINUE READING

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Neil Patel (top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by Obama) on losing a million dollars at 21 and the top ways to generate website traffic

Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download this episode (right click and save) What’s up everyone, welcome to the fourth episode of the Giant thinkers Podcast. A special thank you to the almost 4000 listeners that have tuned in to date from around the world. This is all for you guys and I endeavour to truly make this a show with consistency in providing actionable advice from the guests that come on. While, of course having a laugh and sharing some interesting stories. So on that note, let me introduce to you the next guest.CONTINUE READING

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Vince Frost on building a thriving business, finding opportunities, life lessons and tea addictions

Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download this episode (right click and save). I’ve been tossing and turning over the last few weeks in excitement with this upcoming guest. He’s one of the most established designers in the world and one of the most awarded, including D&AD, Art Directors Club (New York and Tokyo), The Society of Publication Designers New York and AGDA Australia. He’s the founder of a world renowned studio, he’s even an Executive Committee member of D&AD and a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale, Switzerland. CONTINUE READING

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Design Seduction, Visual Literacy and Selfies In Between [FULL VIDEO]

Think Talks is a new series of inspirational evenings where Think Education invite industry and community thought leaders to share their stories and innovative work. This is the full video of Ram's first Think Talk. CONTINUE READING

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Jimmy Niggles on building an army of beards, farm life, starting a charity and nudie runs

Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download this episode (right click and save). Hey guys welcome to the second episode of the giant thinkers podcast. I’m super excited to bring to you a very unique guest to the show. In particular, what this person represents has inspired me and thousands of others globally for many years now and continues to do so today.CONTINUE READING

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