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I want to change my email address and password. Please help.


Any registered user of can change his or her password and email address in the Members Area. The option is located on the left hand side of the page. Change your personal identifiers as you wish.

Are there any extra fees other than the membership fee?


NO. assures you that all the products will be free for download (as many times as you want) for the specific period of your membership.


How about exclusive rights over the items I download?

Sorry but that ain’t gonna happen. Your buy gives you a license to use the products (royalty free) in accordance with the rights, restrictions and conditions indicated in the license that you will receive. Please do not ask for exclusive rights for items downloaded from member section.


Are there any restrictions on my use of the products?

YES. The website templates and other products of cannot be resold as is, nor modified.

This means that if you sell our products to any of your customers, you will need to bring in significant modifications to the products. Here, “significant modifications” means: building a functional website or web application or any such project using our products. If you don’t want to make those changes, your customer has to get a membership at to use the products based on as they are.

Our products should not be dished out as part of any archive, catalog, media discs, auction etc. You are also not allowed to use a spider, web crawler, or other similar automated tool to download our content. Please read our acceptable policy for more details.


How do I use the products purchased through a membership at

It usually takes only a few minutes to send you your account details to your email id and activate your subscription. This process begins as soon as you sign up and then your membership gets authorized. As soon as you receive those details, you can login into the member area immediately. In the member area, (that is where all the good stuff is) you are on your own. Browse through our products and download them then or later.


How long does the authorization period take?

Ans. account activation is instant. Once the payment authorization is complete, you can use the account to download templates.


Can I share my account with others?

In simple words – NO. We think that sharing a single account with many individuals/groups/associations/firms is not different than distributing our materials to others. We have strict rules for these types of illegal distribution processes. You can always send your friends & colleagues to get their individual accounts from us. Would you let them use your No Limit credit-card? We think no.


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