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Chris Ducker on being a Virtual CEO, learning from your mistakes and building a community around ‘you’

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We are pumping episode #17 out to your ear drums right now and our guest on this session is a well-known expert in the field of virtual business management. His business ‘Virtual Staff Finder’ allows his clients worldwide to experience more time, productivity and freedom through the benefits of a having a virtual assistant.

His best-selling book, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive and Build Your Dream Business, is the result of over a decade in the outsourcing industry and working with thousands of entrepreneurs on their virtual team building strategies. He is also the creator of ‘Youpreneur’, the entrepreneurial community where nobody gets left behind. It provides support, accountability, training, knowledge and relationships that allow his clients and their businesses to thrive. 

Some of the topics we chat about include:

  • Renting out an entire IMAX cinema to treat 450 of his staff to the screening of Star Wars
  • Delegating his work and hiring 8 people to cover the work he was doing!
  • Building a community around yourself and your brand
  • His annual mastermind conference for entrepreneurs, ‘Tropical Think Tank’
  • And owning your presence in the online space.

He is without doubt an incredibly productive entrepreneur, one who has been able to structure his business and life to enjoy more freedom, and someone we can all learn from to benefit our own working lives.

I present to you, the Virtual CEO himself, Mr. Chris Ducker.

More on Chris can be found via the links below:
Instagram: @ChrisDucker
Twitter: @ChrisDucker

Check out Youpreneur – The online, entrepreneurial, mastermind community:

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