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How to close when networking [video]

I wanted to share with you my video about closing. When you close the deal, you essentially have locked something in. In terms of networking, it just means getting their contact information. If you don’t ask for their contact information, you’ll likely never see them ever again. When that really sinks in, it should overtake your fear, or self conscious thinking of ‘is it appropriate?’, ‘what do i say?’… all that stuff.

Here’s the video I created on this and below is the rest of the transcript if you prefer to read it.

Honestly best thing to do, when in doubt just get their email.

Whether your at a social gathering, or a formal sort of event, or an industry event rather, make sure you close. After you meet them, i don’t care if you’ve just me them for 10 seconds… and you’ve gone ‘hey nice to meet you, look I’ve gotta run, sorry to be rude but id love to connect with you, have you got LinkedIn?’ and literally pull out your phone and go to your LinkedIn app and type in their name. Show them and ask ‘is that you?’ ‘Cool’ and send them the plus connection request right then and there.

Of course you can also do this with email. ‘Whats your email?’ Then just pull out your phone get out your notepad put their email in. Or better yet, hand your phone over to them and they will enter it in, really simple.

Then of course Facebook is another option but again it depends on how long you have know them or spoken to them in that first encounter and you can close in that regard.

So, that’s basically what i wanted to share, making sure that you don’t lose the opportunity to potentially never see them ever again.

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