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I knew a feeling would come. I didn’t know it’d feel like this.

“To confirm sir, your final destination with your luggage will be Sydney, Australia” said the Qantas check-in staff. “I’m sorry … can you repeat that one more time?” I responded. “Yes sir, your final destination will be Sydney, Australia”.

I smiled. Paused. Looked down briefly, then looked back up. “Thank you” I said, as I slid my passport and boarding pass from the counter to my inside coat pocket.

I knew a feeling would come. I didn’t know it’d feel like this. 

I felt the weight of over 1500 people’s concerns, frustrations and challenges of those I met face to face.

I was equally confronted with the overwhelming joy of accomplishment. That deep down within my soul, I know that I was honest and gave everything I had to every single person I encountered in every single event.

I’d like everyone to know that in my personal experience, this is and has always been a choice, accessible to all. Not the most gifted, not the most intelligent and not the most wealthy.

Hard work, patience, persistence and imagination are the ingredients. We all have it in abundance.

This second USA tour of 20 events in 15 cities over 8 weeks was to amplify this point. Possibility is our perception.

So jump. Although seemingly terrifying at first, the view is amazing.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met along the journey, to all those that made my tour possible and to all those I’ve yet to meet.

Much love,


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