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Top 20 must see digital design web resources

Whether you’re a digital designer or not, here is a list of 20 must see digital design resource websites you’ll appreciate. Check these out right now and store it as ammunition against the battles of Web Design, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design briefs. If you didn’t need it then, you’ll surely need it now. A massive thanks to Digital Design guru Lee Nguyen who carefully compiled this powerful list for all to enjoy and share.
Numero uno. The first and best showcase website on the entire internet for interactive work. This should be the one site you check at least once a week for the rest of your life. See what’s hot in the world of digital.


An inspirational website with great designers giving viewers a snapshot of what they are working on. It’s a great resource to see WIP (work in progress) of logos and designs. It’s all restricted to a small window snapshot. It’s a good way to see UI designs up and close too.
Another great website inspiration/showcase website. It is freqently updated, and it has a simple interface to scroll through. A good site to get the old brain inspired before work. (Be sure to check out Google Chrome’s infinity scroll extension as well, to scroll through multiple pages at once).
Pinterest is a great way to see and archive for reference/repin images. You can also follow your favourite designers. It’s a great way to build an online cloud inspirational mosaic of designs that can always help you in a sticky situation.
PSD tuts is part of a chain of websites that has been around for quite some time now. It was one of the first websites of a umbrella company called Envato which helps blog resources and tutorials on anything creative related. Be sure to check out this website if you want to try something new, or it’s other sister websites as well.
A great inspirational website, that covers topics like illustrations, artworks, artists, web design, print design… Basically nearly everything. Fabio, the creator of this website, is an insanely hard worker that has built up this website to the level of fame it has today.
A showcase of HTML5 and CSS websites that get featured in a showcase style of view. Since the future is heading towards more HTML5 coding, for smart devices, this is a good website to see these type of work.
Needless to say, twitter allows you to follow your inspirations, and share your inspirations for your followers to see.
Another great showcase website of work. Generally shows basic designs.
A good archive of mobile friendly websites.
A great blog for web designers and inspiration.
Behance. Is. Awesome. Inspiration of all creative disciplines. They also have other partner websites and the ability to specify certain creative fields such as typography, design, art direction, motion and photography.
A search tag list of web design stuff within flickr. Sometimes you find that rare gem, jaw dropper.
A great resource to get high quality simplistic vector icons, from helpful icons designers that contribute their time for free. But it comes with a good will back, With attibution of course. You can either help these authors by attibuting them on your designs, or contributing a small fee to use their icons into your design without mention. A good way to get designs rolling, until you can design your own.
PSD covers is a wonderful automation actions tool to be used with Photoshop, to mock up any design you please onto an in-situ shot for your designs. It’s completely free, and has a massive archive of pre-setup items. All you need to do is paste, and dust your hands while the computer does your work for you.
Google web fonts is what all digital designers should be immersed in day after day. It’s a gigantic online archive, of completely free fonts provided by Google and it’s authors, that have already been coded and prepared to be used dynamically online. Say good bye to using only web standard fonts in headings (as images), and say hello to HTML5 and the future. Where everything is dynamic and 10x easier for your developer to create your website masterpiece into development.
If your looking for more reading, and less pictures, then smashing magazine is the place to be. It is one of the biggest blogs online, for design resources. 98% of my searches for resources always seem to lead me here. It has very short, straight to the point articles to help creatives find what they need. Oh, and news. It has that too.
These guys are one of the best UI PSD template providers in the scene. Their PSDs are clearly organised, and they were one of the first to provide complete iOS and Android templates for digital designers to get for free. They are a digital studio as well, but their blog is great with plenty of UI resources.
A solid resources website, with loads of PSDs of buttons, menus and UI elements free to use.
A good resource for references of icons and icon sets.



What are some other Digital Design resources that aren’t on this list that you have found helpful?

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Mr Lee is the alias of Lee Hung Nguyen, an interactive designer on a mission to create compelling experiences in the digital field. His obsessive nature of quality work combined with attention to detail is the driving force to all his work. His past experience in computer science offers a unique technical perspective to his approaches. Social media nut and tech enthusiast, you can follow him at

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Author: Ram Castillo

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