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What I think about toxic people

I believe that a huge part of being successful in any field is detaching yourself from toxic people. I define toxic people as those who are not supportive, not optimistic, not encouraging, judgmental, disrespectful, not open-minded, not dedicated for the long term climb, talkers not doers, haters and those that aren’t willing to work their asses off in all aspects of their lives.

Meet my good mate Mel Bteddini aka ‘The Big Mac’ who I hadn’t seen in a few months but we picked up right where we left off. I loved connecting with him again tonight. He trains like his life depends on it, 6 days a week. All the while owning two cafes in Sydney and a third business on the way. Oh and did I mention he’s only 25 years old?

Leave those toxic people where they are. Focus on your own path. Those that are sacrificing and grinding as much as you (or more) will naturally be drawn to you. Those that put you down don’t add value to your beautiful life. Do what calls to you. Live and breath the actions necessary to reach that vision and let go of trying to make people around you understand your personal mission (whatever that may be).

I love what Mel said “be the hardest person working in the room but never think it’s good enough”.

I shared this on my Instagram and Facebook and thought to share it here if you missed it.

Here’s to the new season wherever in the world you’re reading this!


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