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How to make the most out of conferences and events [video]

So, you hear a lot people going, “I was so inspired by going to ‘xyz’ event… by this speaker and the message takeaway i got was exactly how the speaker intended”. But make sure that you use that to turn it into an action right away. Don’t be passive about the feeling, because the feeling is going to go and then you’re left back where you started prior to the attendance of the conference.

Here’s the video I created on this and below is the rest of the transcript if you prefer to read it.

You’re going to reach that high most of the time, but to not just stay on that high and let it be a feeling. Immediately turn that feeling into an action step.

Another thing was for example i was encouraging creative collaboration, because we’ve all got different creative offerings, we’ve all got different creative consciousness and value systems. But when you bring that together, when we fuse our creative identities, thats when magic happens. Thats where innovation happens.

The other thing i found is making sure you connect with everyone and its a s simple as pulling out your phone, as soon as you have a 2-3 minute conversation with them and going is it cool if i connect with you on LinkedIn. Just, lock it in right then and there and thats solidified. And then you can jump onto meeting the next person, because there is only so much time in a conference, where there are breaks and the breaks, morning tea time, lunch time, afternoon time, thats in between talks, that’s where the gold happens when you can do that.

The other thing i would also like to remind everyone, is to take the good and leave the bad. So, don’t look it as a waste of time at all. You might find that walking out from a conference and heck you might spend hundreds of dollars, or an event. You might find out that, oh man there was only that one thing that i got but that one thing could be all you needed.

So, i would just suggest that you keep your mind open and have an open heart.

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